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All you new parts are developped by Eric Grauffel, and are tested and approved by Tanfoglio to ensure a maximum quality to customers. These new products will bring to all type of shooters, from beginners to professionnals, the best experience in fine tuning their Tanfoglio Pistols. All xtreme parts are factory parts and therefor are production legal. Parts are available on Eric Grauffel Online Shop or Tanfoglio Shop web site.

Winner of the Florida Open, Frostproof - Florida

Winner of the USPSA Production Nationals in Tulsa - Oklahoma

Winner of the USA IPSC Nationals in Frostproof - Florida

Winner of the European Championship, Portugal

This was my 3rd course with Eric. It still pays off well since it's a nice kick in the butt!

+ good and different training each day that showed how to raise the bar ; + good feedback and coaching during the events, made progress

Due giorni intensi di informazioni ricche di teoria, tecnica, e tattica. Ottime le nozioni di sicurezza. E stato molto utile per capire i miei limiti e sopratutto i miei punti deboli.

I questi due giorni credo aver sentito come costruire un tiratore di IPSC completo, che osserva, pensa e poi spara! La semplicita delle spiegazioni impressiona. Da quella semplicita si capisce tutta la grandezza e la professionalita dell'istruttore. Grazie Eric!

Very beautifull training. Many things we know, but not how to do them. Very professional team of teachers. The weather has been very bad, but we are very sastified because we touched a lot of elements!

Just to let you know that all the hard work and patience in training me was not all in vain. Only starting to get some of the messages. Top senior in open class: Australasian Open!!! As soon as I get my Presidents medal I will send it as token of my appreciation. Your humble (and very happy) student.

I did a 3 days course about half a year ago and I have returned for more. Eric's creativity never ceases to amaze, and so does his attention to details. The improvment in the skills and tactics can be felt absolutely immediatly!

I was extremly pleased with Eric's training course. He made me realize that there is much more than only " pulling the trigger ". Eric learned me to think about my shooting and to learn from my errors. It was back to "basics", but that was what I needed. Almost all aspects regarding shooting were adressed during the course, and it was a lot of information to process. I can recommend everybody to follow Eric's training course, no matter what level you are shooting at. I will definetly be back next year for extra training!

Damn..... I learned a lot during the course with Eric! I can recommend to take the course with Eric.. If you want to progress and shoot better, you need it.. Eric confronts you with the errors you make and tells you how to correct them. He's strict but if you want to become a better shooter you need it. I am coming back next year!

© 2010 Eric Grauffel

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